CCPQ Scientific Areas

Summary keywords

Multiphoton Physics: atoms and molecules in laser fields, ab initio time-independent and time-dependent methods for electron interractions, harmonic generation, relativistic and magnetic effects
Electron collisions with atoms and atomic ions: Scattering at intermediate energies, collisions with iron-peak elements, electron impact ionization, photoionization
Electron collisions with molecules and molecular ions: electronic excitation, dissociative recombination, vibrational excitation, photoionization, relativistic effects.
Positron collisions and annihilation with atoms and molecules: variational calculations, R-matrix calculations,
Anti-atom collisions and annihilation with atoms and molecules: trapped antihydrogen, impurity interactions, variational calculations.
Quantum information with many-body systems, ultracold atoms in optical lattices, DMRG & Exact diagonalisation, quantum thermodynamics
Molecular wavepacket studies of fundamental molecular reactivity by solving the time-dependent Schrödinger equation based on the MCTDH algorithm
Spectroscopic molecular line lists for exoplanet & other atmospheres

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