Brief descriptions of some previous meetings (2016 and earlier)

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Brief descriptions of some previous meetings (2016 and earlier)

Brief descriptions of some previous meetings are given below. Please see the archive pages for a more detailed list.

A team representing Quantemol, including Professor J Tennyson, presented at International Workshop on Plasmas for energy and Environmental applications (IWPEEA) in Liverpool 21-24 August 2016.

XLIC 2016;2nd COST XLIC Working Group 3 Meeting – Control of Chemical Reactivity, QUB, 4-5 April 2016. The topic of interest of the XLIC Working Group 3 (WG3) is to control the reactivity of highly excited and/or ionized molecules through pump-probe techniques and High Harmonic spectroscopy, i.e., to control electron transfer, isomerization and dissociation with attosecond temporal and sub-Angstrom spatial resolution.

Quantemol Workshop 2015, Linking Simulation with Experiment, UCL, 11 September 2015, sponsored by CCPQ.

Windsor 2015: Dynamics of Complex Quantum Systems, 3-6 August 2015, sponsored by CCPQ.This workshop, the 5th in series, is designed to bring together UK theory and experimental groups involved in realising, simulating and modelling the dynamics of a variety of complex quantum systems. The meeting is aimed at discussing both new mathematical and computational methods, as well as new experimental applications/phenomena/physics at a level suitable for postgraduate students in the field.Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: optical lattices, microtraps, coupled-cavity arrays, phase transitions, chaos, coherence and entanglement, interferometry and atom optics, superfluidity, non-equilibrium dynamics, spinor and exotic condensates, quantum information applications, experimental perspectives.

The AttoFEL 2014 conference, Free Electron Lasers and Attosecond Light Sources: portals to ultrafast dynamics in AMO systems, UCL, 30 June – 2 July 2014, sponsored by CCPQ.

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